• Barbara's Concession

    Barbara's Concession will be set up once again this year to provide everyone with food and beverages.

    Mobile Food Trailer
    Hot Food
    Cold Drinks

    We would like to thank Barbara and her husband for there continued support and participation in this event.

  • Venders & Entertainment Wanted

    We need venders for 2018 season. if your interested or you know someone that maybe interested please contact us directly.

    Also we are taking silent auction and door prize items if anyone has anything they would like to donate.
    Thanks to all of you in advance. We look forward to seeing you all in June.

  • Golden Mini Donunts

    Golden Mini Donuts
    will attend this years event with their mobile unit.

    Alberta’s MOST Sought after Mini Donuts The Golden Mini Donuts concession trailer has been family run in Alberta for 25 years and some consider it a staple at many events throughout the summer months. It has been a staple at the Castrol Raceway for many years as well as the Strathmore Rodeo for 25 years! We are committed to serving our community through several charity events.
    The Golden Mini Donut Concession Trailer is fully insured, inspected, and certified to serve food throughout Alberta health Services Region.

  • Amsoil


    The people from amsoil will be setting up a booth again this year and giving demonstrations of there products. we look forward to seeing them again this year.

    We would like to thank you for your continued support and participation.


  • Hurricane Lisa & The Storm

    Hurricane Lisa & the Storm

    will be playing live on stage, New setup and new sound this year. Exact dates are not finalized as of yet however, check back in February and we should have a schedule worked out by then.

  • Puttin on the foil

    Puttin on the foil

    wil be playing live on stage.
    Come on down and enjoy the shit show.
    These guys put on a great show for everyone to enjoy.
    no dates confirmed as of yet but stay tunned for updates to come very soon.


  • cotton candy trailer

    The Cotton Candy concession trailer is the newest addition to our family business. It serves classic carnival treats, which can be found at large carnivals and fairs.
    The Cotton Candy concession trailer if fully insured, inspected and certified to serve food through Alberta Heath Services Region.

  • Corn Dog trailer

    Corn dogs anyone?
    Got to love them....
    Come on down and enjoy the fun and games everyone is welcome.