The story behind us.

Jun. 24, 2016

Memorial Ride For All Fallen Riders

2010 One of the founder's of Rock Ride Bluffton Alberta was in a near fatal accident and came very close to losing his lively hood along with everything else. So The founder's Chris and Julie Graham know full well what its like to go through the entire ordeal.
Spring of 2016 we lost a very close friend and fellow rider. it was then that this ride was brought to life.

This why this rally happens every year. The founders and all the volunteers understand and believe in what we are raising money for. All the hard work in the end is worth every minute if it helps one group. The good People at spruce haven golf resort also understand what we are doing. They are able to free up the campgrounds for this weekend to provide a great venue for this event.

Please remember this event is open to everyone. So if you have never been to a event like this we encourage you to attend, you will definitely want to return the following year.

We look forward to your attendance in June.

Jul. 1, 2018

Vendors wanted

We are looking for vendors for 2019 event. If You or some one you know is interested please contact us ASAP.
Everyone is welcome to come down.
All we require is a phone call.
Please contact the Bluffton City General Store

  • Food vendors

    All kinds of food available on site
    We are still interested in adding a few more vendors if anyone has any suggestions we would like to hear from you.

  • Looking for gear

    It's all available right here on site. Next ride will be bigger and better..
    Always looking for new vendors to attend. Please contact us if your interested.
    We would be willing to speak with anyone else interested in attending.